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Pepper's SAI2 Essentials brushes

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Some brushes and favorite presets I put together for PaintTool SAI Ver.2 with a focus on nice tactile feel! Contains assets+settings for mostly sketching pencils and inkers I like, but there are a few other textured brushes for effects and coloring too.

Buyers please note that the SAI custom brush installation process is mostly manual and it takes a little bit of time to plug all the settings in. There's a detailed written guide provided if you're new to this! Please read it carefully.

Contains assets and settings for:

  • 3 textured inkers
  • 2 smooth oval inkers
  • 5 dry media sketchers
  • 2 gentle erasers
  • 1 canvas-textured painter
  • 1 soft, grainy marker
  • 1 soft noise shader
  • 1 pressure-sensitive tone shader

Many of these brushes were created with "Pen Direction" in mind, meaning they take advantage of tilt-enabled styluses to control the rotation of the brush tip depending on which direction the pen nib is pointing when making a stroke. If your stylus/tablet doesn't support this functionality, you can still enjoy these brushes with a static angle, but you may need to adjust the "Angle" slider under the brush form settings to find a rotation angle that looks/feels best to you

These brushes were made for PaintTool SAI Ver.2 and will not work for other drawing software

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.zip containing 16 SAI2 brush presets + install guide

15.5 MB

Pepper's SAI2 Essentials brushes

0 ratings
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